Memories of San Juan

San Juan la Laguna Lago Atitlan Guatemala

After 10ish days in San Cristobal de las Casas, et almost 3 months in Mexico, we headed to San Juan La Laguna, nearby lake Atitlan, and crossed the border to go to Guatemala. A real adventure that started before sunrise to end under the moonlight. Running to get the last boat, crossing the lake by night and seeing an active volcano afar…

Tired but happy to finally arrive.

We feel very quickly at home, and after a 10 days stay, it’s quite hard to say “goodbye”for everybody… There, we have friends that we’ll come to see again in the future (if we come back to Guatemala!). The atmosphere around the lake (and especially in San Juan) is very relaxed, we felt very close to nature and to people who live there.

Anyway, here’s a brief selection of picture of our time in San Juan!