Let’s go!

Wake up early

5:00am. The alarm clock is ringing. Pretty early today. The mind is still a little bit in the clouds. The last few days were very busy and are still here, the mountain of administrative tasks we had to take care of just before leaving. Getting ready has been less smooth than we would have liked.

It’s is time to get up. We have a long day ahead of us. Today is the first day of our journey, embracing once again a life a little more nomadic. Gaia wakes up just after us, followed by Keano. A coffee, a hot chocolate, last moments with Grandpa and Grandma for a while, the taxi’s here, we have to load the backpack and head towards the International Terminal of LAX.

Petit dejeuner a l'aeroport
Breakfast at the airpoort


Three hours after getting to the airport, and one hour later than expected, we’re finally aboard the plane that will bring us to Mexico City.

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On the plane!





We have arrived in Mexico City. Passing the boarders, customs, getting our packs, finding a legit’ taxi and starting our quest for a hotel to stay in…