Day trip to Monte Alban

Monte Alban

The idea of going on a day trip got the kids pretty excited. Even though we’re foreigners in a foreign country, “let’s take the bus today” somehow got them ready for a different kind of adventure.

After what seemed to be a never-ending early morning walk for them, we got to the touristy bus station to buy our tickets to Monte Alban. We got there too late, or too early, leaving us a chunk of time to wander in the nearby market and buy some delicious snacks before taking the bus.

After a 20 minutes bumpy bus ride, we got out into a scenic perspective. We met a friendly family of travelers from France with whom we ended up visiting the historic site. It was great for Keano and Gaia to have little friends to play with for a few hours, in that immense natural playground. When we got back to town, Keano was a little sad, not knowing if he would see his new friends again. At the very least, we will be following their adventures since they too are doing a blog –>


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