Day trip – Hierve El Agua

Hierve el agua, near Oaxaca

Ready for new adventures?

Hierve El Agua is located about two hours out of Oaxaca. There isn’t really a direct way to get there, and part of the trip is on a dirt/rocky road on a pick up truck. Sounds like all the ingredients for great adventures!

Early wake up, quick breakfast, backpacks, hats, sunglasses and water bottles (oops… how did we forget the sunscreen!?). Let’s go… and start with a little 15 minutes walk to meet our friends Rachel and Luis (who live in Oaxaca and offered to go to Hierve El Agua with us) and another 15 minutes walk to go catch a coletivo (kind of a shared taxi) which will drive us to Mitla in about an hour.


We were 8 -eight!!- in the coletivo at first (3 in the front, 5 in the back), packed like sardines, and about half way we were only 7, giving us much more space to spread our toes.

Dirt and rocks

In Mitla, we had to wait a few minutes on the side of the road before taking another coletivo.

Waiting for a coletivo in Mitla
Waiting for a coletivo in Mitla

This time, the coletivo was a pick up truck, which got Keano pretty excited about the trip! The concrete road quickly became a road of dirt, and then a rocky trail… it’s bumpy, and Gaia doesn’t feel very well, Keano seems a little nervous. Luis gets ready to jump of the truck to jog a little bit.

An incredibly beautiful place

Once there, we change quickly into bathing suits and we buy a fresh coconut in one of the small stall. A refreshing way to recover from the trip!!

A short hike down the hill and we discover a beautiful place… we spent the day there. There were a few waves, of tourists, who quickly went in the water, took a few selfies, and left for another destination, leaving us enjoying the warm water and the scenic view.

Heading back

At the end of the day, we hike up the hill again to catch another coletivo. This time we sit in the front. The trip is a lot more comfortable and we can enjoy breathtaking perspectives on the nearby mountains.


In Mitla, we jump in another coletivo. Gaia falls asleep very quickly, followed by Keano. Waking up in Oaxaca is a little tough. The walk back to the hostel seems a lot longer than in the morning. Keano shares what he enjoyed the most during the day: the views on the mountain from where we were bathing.

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