Christmas in Xela

Night market - marché nocturne - Guatemala Xela Quetzaltenango


Continuing with photos from the past weeks….! Here’s a selection of our first two weeks in Xela (also known as Quetzaltenango), in Guatemala. We lived there a total of 5 weeks, learning a little bit of spanish, being very cold… and celebrating Christmas and New Year!

For Christmas, we had the chance to gather with our friends Gigi (that we met in San Juan) and Steph and Josh… We met Steph and Josh for the first time in Oaxaca, and then Mazunte, San Cristobal and finally Xela! Same itinerary… except that they travel on their bikes! Our little Christmas pot luck/secret santa celebration was really a good time together, family atmosphere, and a sense of “home”on the road…