Day trip – Hierve El Agua

Hierve el agua, near Oaxaca

Ready for new adventures? Hierve El Agua is located about two hours out of Oaxaca. There isn’t really a direct way to get there, and part of the trip is on a dirt/rocky road on a pick up truck. Sounds like all the ingredients for great adventures! Early wake up, quick breakfast, backpacks, hats, sunglasses and […]

Traveling with kids …

Vous pouvez lire la version française de cet article ici : On the road with kids…learning how to travel all over again. It’s been almost three weeks since we left “home” to embrace a nomadic life as a family.  Hao and I have both traveled extensively in the past -in fact that’s how we first met seven years […]

Day trip to Monte Alban

Monte Alban

The idea of going on a day trip got the kids pretty excited. Even though we’re foreigners in a foreign country, “let’s take the bus today” somehow got them ready for a different kind of adventure. After what seemed to be a never-ending early morning walk for them, we got to the touristy bus station […]



We stayed only one night in Puebla, not quite as much as we would have liked… Thanks to a very tiny mistake of the manager of the youth hostel we decided to stay at… but… well, anyway, we had the chance to enjoy the celebrations of Independance Day in that beautiful city. We had a walk […]

Let’s go!

Wake up early 5:00am. The alarm clock is ringing. Pretty early today. The mind is still a little bit in the clouds. The last few days were very busy and are still here, the mountain of administrative tasks we had to take care of just before leaving. Getting ready has been less smooth than we […]