About us

Hi there, we are Hao and Greg, parents to Keano (who is about to turn 6) and Gaia (who is two and a half). We are a world family. Greg is French. Hao is Vietnamese American. Keano and Gaia are bilingual (and are hopefully picking up a bit of Spanish as we are backpacking through Mexico and Guatemala for the next few months!).

Years ago, Hao first met Greg on a train in India while we were volunteering and backpacking there. Ever since, we have been on different adventures together while bringing up Keano and Gaia in France and in the U.S.

In the last five years, both of us have been working for an international non-profit organization, ATD Fourth World, in Paris, France and in New Orleans, U.S.A., coordinating various projects in under-resourced and marginalized communities. Although we loved our job and the families and children whom we got the chance to work with, we felt the need to take a break from it and travel and experience different adventures with our kids while they are still young and before they start grade-school.


Fun at the room



Keano loves being outdoor, riding his scooter around the park, and most of all, climbing on giant old trees. He immeditately loved the idea of going to Mexico, although at first, his preferred destination was rather New Mexico, since “they do speak english there”.





Gaia is the youngest of the clan. She’s now two and a half and walking around town a whole lot more than ever, although not without some encouragement and occasional promise of treats.  To her credit though, the streets of Oaxaca can be hilly and as she puts it, “smoky.”