Christmas in Xela

Night market - marché nocturne - Guatemala Xela Quetzaltenango

Hello! Continuing with photos from the past weeks….! Here’s a selection of our first two weeks in Xela (also known as Quetzaltenango), in Guatemala. We lived there a total of 5 weeks, learning a little bit of spanish, being very cold… and celebrating Christmas and New Year! For Christmas, we had the chance to gather with […]

Memories of San Juan

San Juan la Laguna Lago Atitlan Guatemala

After 10ish days in San Cristobal de las Casas, et almost 3 months in Mexico, we headed to San Juan La Laguna, nearby lake Atitlan, and crossed the border to go to Guatemala. A real adventure that started before sunrise to end under the moonlight. Running to get the last boat, crossing the lake by […]